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159 So Main  "Old Town"   Pocatello, Idaho  83204     Ph. 208-232-6656  email  bill@bbhop.com

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 S.E. Idaho's Premier Photography Studios
2 - Locations to Serve you Better
159 South Main   Pocatello, Idaho  83204      &         643 Bench View Drive  Grace, Idaho 83241
    Ph.  208-232-6656                                       Ph. 208-425-3729
  e-mail  bill@bbhop.com


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Fashion - Runway - Photo - Modeling & Pageant Training for all ages...  [Fancy Faces Page]

 Welcome to our Home Page     

1999-2011  Bill F. Burke, Owner & Photographer


 "Digital Magic"  

 We are now using the amazing new Canon and Fuji  Pro Digital Cameras  & 

 the Epson  Archival Wide Format Digital Printers

the finest 100% digital SYSTEMS available today !!!

"Every Portrait is Digitally Retouched" ---No more Blemishes!!!

We can now deliver your Finished Portraits in Days, Not Weeks !!!

Your portrait previews are digitally projected onto our 

huge 8 foot screen immediately after your session...

Just imagine, Your Family Portraits will be Taken, Viewed & Ordered in the same Session !!!
No more Waiting for Proofs!!!  
  Even those "Busy Dads" can  get in on the Ordering process..
The best part is that YOU KNOW INSTANTLY if someone "Blinks" or that 3 year old was "pulling a face".

Stop by our Studio anytime for a Free Demo of  these amazing systems...

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About the Artist & Studios
Bill F. Burke
Bill F. Burke has been a Professional Photographer since 1976 when he first opened his Grace, Idaho Studio.

Bill is a member of the Professional Photographers of Idaho and the Intermountain Professional Photographers Association 
(for 35 years) and the  Professional Photographers of America  (PPA) for 24 Years

Bill also is a 20 year member of Senior Photographers International

Bill Served as President of the Professional Photographers of Idaho in 1992 & 1993 and
was on the Board of Directors for 6 years

Bill received the Fellow Of Photography Degree from the Professional Photographers of Idaho in 1990

Never resting upon his laurels, Bill is constantly attending Schools, workshops, and conventions to provide you with the very finest Photography and Personal Service Available Anywhere...The results of which can be seen in the many awards he has received in Local, State, Regional, and National Print Competitions throughout the years

Our Grace, Idaho Studio was constructed in 1976 and sits on over 2 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens.  The Garden area features a 10 foot high lava rock waterfall and a beautiful pond with an arched bridge spanning in front of the falls.  There is also an elegant 10 foot diameter 3 tiered fountain and Roman columns fitted with a white rope swing between them for elegant Bridal & Engagement portraits.  For the more casual sessions, there is our "Lazy Susan", which is a "Revolving" building with Spanish arches and Western Barn wood sides.  Anytime is the "Right Time of Day", we simply spin the set to work with the proper light/shadow ratios !!!    Our design has been copied all over the United States...

Bill opened his 2nd. Studio location in Pocatello, Idaho in 1991 inside the Westwood Mall 
In October of 1997 he Purchased the Pomerelle Portraits Building in "Old Town" Pocatello and after extensive remodeling
now has the Largest (5200 Sq. ft. w/3 Camera rooms) full service  Portrait - Wedding - Glamour & Digital Imaging Studio in the entire Intermountain Area
Staircase2x2.jpg (37075 bytes)  The new Studio Location features 3 camera rooms

The highlight is an "Elegant" curved   Burgundy Staircase with a rock fireplace set and
a "Romeo & Juliet" Balcony over the fireplace

The 2nd level camera room features an "all White Sofa - Drapes - French Doors -White Carpet set designed for Classic Bridal portraits and Sensual Boudoir Portraits 
A black brick "Spanish Arch" wall set was designed for Seniors and Children's sessions
An elegant black arched column set sits at the top of the Curved Staircase and makes a grand setting for
Wedding Formals and Classic Senior Portraits
The Huge main Camera Room has 18 foot ceilings with "Rail" lighting systems mounted on "Booms" from 3 walls with State-of-the-Art Remote lighting controls.   The second level camera room also has Boom lights with background lighting built into the sets.
We have a 16 foot wide "High Key" white "coved" wall set and over 50 feet of track mounted Muslin backgrounds and a HUGE 28 foot Formal Background wall that will accommodate groups of up to 75 people !!!

We are the only  fully equipped "Glamour Photography" Studio in  S.E. Idaho   
We have a vast selection of glamour outfits available for your use   including "Fur Coats", Leathers, Velvet Dresses, denim, Boas, Drapes, Hats, Shoes, and of Course, Sensual Lingerie for our Boudoir Sessions

Our Motto is "Bring Out The Best And Hide The Rest" !!!

               star.gif (1270 bytes)  Our Latest Addition is our "Wild" 
    Senior Portrait Room !!!
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It features a Western Barn wood set - a Gym set with Lockers - a crazy Graffiti Wall set and Some really Funky sets
with wild colors and shapes such as pink , green & orange  pipes, Suspended frames, Silver Spheres, Cubes, Crates,
a 4 foot tall "Popsicle", 5 foot long "pencils", white pillars, Black Marble pillars, Plumes and a whole lot more props
and muslin backgrounds so that we can create the most exciting Senior portraits available anywhere....

 by popular demand !!!

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We have expanded our Services & Now Offer Complete 
& Pageant Portfolios & Agency Referral For All Ages

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   (Click on *Fancy Faces* for more details)

We invite you to stop by at anytime and take a tour of our beautiful Studio facilities and
see why Bill Burke was voted Pocatello's Best Photographer Again & Again !!! 

1996- 1998-1999-2000-2001- 2007-2010...

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